Supreme Audit Office head's son charged, bailed

Jakub B., the son of the head of Poland's Supreme Audit Office (NIK), Marian Banas, has been charged, the Bialystok Regional Prosecutor told PAP, with bail set at PLN 150,000 (EUR 32,805).

Jakub B. (surname withheld for legal reasons) appeared at the Bialystok Prosecutor's Office in northeastern Poland with his wife, Agnieszka B., and the director of the Regional Tax Authority in Krakow, Tadeusz G.

Bail was set at PLN 50,000 (EUR 10,935) and PLN 70,000 (EUR 15,309) respectively.

On Friday, Jakub B. and Tadeusz G were detained by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA).

Jakub B.'s appearance comes a day after the Bialystok Prosecutor's Office announced its intention to bring a dozen or so charges against his father, including over irregularities in his property and tax declarations.

The cases have prompted speculation by some in Poland that the state is using its authorities to intimidate people it regards as a threat.

In May, Marian Banas sharply criticised steps taken by the CBA against his son and said that they were politically motivated and connected with an audit of plans to hold presidential elections via a postal vote in 2020.

The Bialystok Prosecutor's Office told PAP that Tadeusz G. had admitted to illegally disclosing to Marian Banas information about a tax inspection and action taken against him by the CBA.

Tadeusz G. heard six charges, and Jakub and Agnieszka B. seven each.

"They concern among others defrauding the National Fund for the Restoration of Historic Monuments in Krakow of about PLN 120,000 (EUR 26,250) for the renovation of a tenement building and embezzling VAT to the amount of PLN 80,000 (EUR 17,500)," the Prosecutor's Office said.