Supplies sent to security forces on Belarusian border

The head of the country's Government Strategic Reserves Agency (RARS) announced on Tuesday that it is sending supplies and equipment to Polish security personnel serving on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Michal Kuczmierowski said it was in the national interest for the border to remain secure and under control.

"The Government Strategic Reserves Agency..., at the request of the defence minister and interior minister, is sending appropriate means and materials to officers who are fulfilling their duties on our border," Kuczmierowski said, adding that it was an important element of security.

He added that RARS had been engaged in the border crisis since mid-August.

"The first humanitarian cargoes left our depots in mid-August and arrived in Lithuania because Lithuania first asked us for support," he continued. "Tents, special heaters, power generators, beds, blankets and equipment arrived there that will help the Lithuanians in setting up basic camps and accommodation."

He added that three such cargoes had been prepared to support Belarus.

"Belarus has until now not accepted the propositions," he explained. "We're waiting because that transport is ready, at the moment it has been relocated to our warehouse. But it is ready to go within an hour and reach the border as quickly as possible. We are awaiting a policy change of the Belarusian government."

Kuczmierowski said the supplies for Polish soldiers and law enforcement officers would leave for the border within hours.

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