Summit proved NATO's unity, focus on higher spending

Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Thursday that the latest NATO summit proved the alliance's unity and a focus on higher defence spending, for which Poland has already been praised by the US head of state, Donald Trump.

Speaking to reporters after the summit ended in Brussels, the president said that the meeting's debates and agreements "undoubtedly confirm the North Atlantic Alliance's unity - there is no question about it." He added that speculation that NATO may break up has no basis, "on the contrary, countries of the alliance are beginning to spend more and more on defence objectives."

As Duda noted, some states are doing it quicker, others slower, while "I can say with some satisfaction, that today's discussion concerned us - Poland - to a small extent."

This is because the US head of state Donald Trump mentioned Poland among the countries which are fulfilling its spending pledge - "1.99 percent (of GDP) according to his calculations," the president said.

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