Sugar tax hits soft drink sales

Wojciech Pacewicz/PAP

Sales of soft drinks have fallen by 16 percent following the introduction of a new sugar tax, Poland's Market Monitoring Centre (CMR) said on Thursday.

According to CMR, the tax introduced in January has raised non-alcoholic beverages prices by more than 10 percent, with a 15 percent price increase on flavoured mineral waters and ice tea.

Sales of the latter have plummeted by about 20 percent. But CMR noted that the sales slump was also the result of pandemic restrictions.

The tax is a fixed fee of PLN 0.5 (EUR 0.11) per sugared/sweetened litre, with an extra PLN 0.1 (EUR 0.02) on drinks with caffeine or taurine. The variable fee is PLN 0.05 (EUR 0.01) per each gram of sugar above 100 ml/litre.

The maximum tax is PLN 1.2 (EUR 0.27 per litre), which fruit and vegetable juices and energy drinks are exempt from.