Subsea section of Baltic Pipe may be completed this year - official

The underwater stretch of the Baltic Pipe gasline to link Norway's gasbeds with Denmark and Poland could be completed this year, weather permitting, a government official said on Thursday.

Piotr Naimski, the government's commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure, told the Senate (upper house) that the Polish-Danish pipeline's seabed section will be built by a special pipe-laying ship, which will set out from Rotterdam to the Baltic Pipe site on May 5.

"If there are no problems with the weather, the whole underwater stretch of the pipeline could be completed still this year," Naimski added.

The Baltic Pipe gasline is a strategic natural gas infrastructure project whose aim is to create a new gas supply corridor in the European market.

When ready, it will forward up to 10 billion cubic metres of gas annually.

The pipeline's main constructors are Polish gas operator Gaz-System and the Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas, Energinet.