Street art with a difference: Artist creates spectacular wall-art doilies

NeSpoon in Pont-l'Abbe, France, 2016. NeSpoon

A Polish woman is taking the street art world by storm with her astonishing murals of doilies.

NeSpoon is nine years-old and paints murals. Actually, NeSpoon is in her thirties and has a teenage daughter but after a decade in the corporate world she wanted a clean state. 

She changed her hair, took a name from The Matrix (‘there is no spoon’) and embarked on an international career as a fully-fledged street artist.

The Warsaw native is known all over the world now for her intricate doily designs which she renders in ceramic, material and painted form. 

Her enormous murals of the delicate lace-work designs have seen her travel to Georgia, Hong Kong and as far away as the remote Western Australian desert. 

Australia, 2015NeSpoon

For NeSpoon, they are more than just Grandma’s musty hand-me-downs.

“Doilies are international. We like to think that Poland has a monopoly on them but actually they’re everywhere, all across Europe and Asia,” NeSpoon told TFN. “It’s something immediately recognisable.”

Half of the reason NeSpoon chose the design is in the cross-cultural nature of the art. For her murals, she likes to choose locations where people can interact with what she does, like in parks. 

Often, her work will attract the attention of locals who bring her food; or craftswomen who happily gift NeSpoon their own hand-crafted doilies in the local design.

Portugal, 2014NeSpoon

A need to make positive art is another thing that drives NeSpoon forward. Before she became a full-time artist, her paintings were darker, more maudlin. 

But when her daughter was born, she decided she needed a change and the intricate symmetry of the doily design was one way of producing something more positive. 

“A lot of Polish art tends to be depressing and inward-looking. We like to dwell on the past. I prefer to be considered an international artist, rather than defining myself as Polish,” says NeSpoon.

Berlin, 2017NeSpoon

NeSpoon’s art spans form and space. Little ceramic doilies can be found in the Warsaw Old Town, her murals are all over the world -- still, she finds it difficult to choose a favourite.

“I love all my work, so it took me forever to whittle my portfolio down to 200-something images. I don’t like looking into the past, anyway, I prefer to focus on the future."