State-owned lottery firm to pay EUR 233.6 mln in gaming taxes in 2019

Totalizator Sportowy, the Polish state-owned lottery company, will pay over PLN 1 billion (EUR 233.6 mln) in gaming taxes into the state budget in 2019, compared with over PLN 900 mln (EUR 210 mln) a year earlier, president of the company Olgierd Cieslik has said.

Cieslik stated at Friday's press conference that the total revenues for the State Treasury, both from the tax on games, as well as subsidies from lotteries and instant cash games, exceeded PLN 2 billion (EUR 467 mln) in 2018, of which the taxes alone totalled over PLN 900 million.

"The growing number of slot machine arcades has an impact on the financial results of the entire Totalizator Sportowy which, this year, will definitely be record-breaking due to our new areas of activity, including arcade game rooms, as well as online activities," Cieslik noted, adding that "the results will be impressive."

Totalizator Sportowy opened on Friday one of its largest arcade game rooms in Upper Silesia, southern Poland. In total, the company plans to open one hundred gaming rooms in the fourth quarter of 2019.