State of epidemic threat not yet over says health minister

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Poland's health minister wrote on social media on Wednesday that although there were fewer cases of Covid-19, there were still many cases of the flu and, as such, it cannot be said that the state of epidemic threat is over.

Adam Niedzielski wrote on Twitter that a drop in Covid-19 infection levels was being observed. "The decrease is at the level of 30 percent," he pointed out, "and there is also a drop in the number of hospitalisations."

The health minister noted, however, that there were still "a quite a few flu infections, an average of 29,000 per day."

"So we cannot yet consider withdrawing the state of epidemic threat," he concluded.

At the moment, Poles must still wear masks in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies at least until the end of April owing to epidemic restrictions.