St. John Paul II remembered by Polish primate in interview with PAP

Wojciech Kryński/PAP

St. John Paul II was someone who built bridges between people and approached others with great openness, said Primate of Poland Archbishop Wojciech Polak in an interview for PAP. Monday marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of St. John Paul II.

Archbishop Polak told PAP that it was the openness of St. John Paul II to others that won him the sympathy of not only Catholics, but other religions as well. St. John Paul II taught us that "Man is the way of the Church," and this led him to build bridges between people, Polak said.

The primate of Poland stated that we should especially remember these words of St. John Paul II: "Man will not understand himself without Christ, nor who he is, nor what his calling is, or what his final destiny is, he will not understand everything about himself, about others, about the world without Christ." That is why St. John Paul II urged us to "open, open wide the door to Christ," he said.

Asked by PAP what St. John Paul II would say to us during this difficult pandemic situation if were alive today, Archbishop Polak said this was a difficult question to answer, but noted that Saint John Paul II's attitude of care and love towards others was something necessary and timely today.