Spring leader announces new political force - New Left

Wojciech Olkuśnik/PAP

A new, long-awaited grouping called New Left will be established in a few weeks to be ruled in partnership, leader of the Spring (Wiosna) party Robert Biedron said at the party's Saturday convention.

The statutory bodies of the Democratic Left Alliance and Spring met in the Sangate Hotel in Warsaw. The effect is to be a decision to consolidate both groups into one political project.

The conventions of Poland's Spring (Wiosna) and Poland's Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) parties at Warsaw's Sangate hotel on Saturday were to decide the future of the two parties, which is expected to see their consolidation as a single political project.

"We are here today to open a new stage in the functioning of our political force. To open a new stage in our cooperation," Biedron said at the Spring convention. "We remember the past, but we mainly think about the future. Therefore we are building a modern, progressive leftist formation. Today we are sending a strong signal - the Left is consolidating," he added.

Biedron also noted that the left always wins elections when it is united.