Spiritual legacy of St. John Paul II on display in Budapest metro

A poster campaign publicising the spiritual legacy of St. John Paul II, organized by the Polish Institute in Budapest, is now on display in the Hungarian capital’s metro.

Travelers can read his reflections on many themes, including those on freedom and justice.

Consisting of 10 posters by Adam Bujak, the displays can be viewed on three Budapest metro lines until November 21. The presentations include photographs of St. John Paul II and several of his quotes. There are 20 copies of each poster, as such, a total of 200 posters in the metro.

Among the quotes of the late pope that Hungarians can read are: "There is no freedom without solidarity!"; "Man is called to freedom"; or "The future begins today, not tomorrow." The posters also feature the appeal "Do not be afraid. Open wide the doors for Christ!"

The campaign opened last Thursday, on the day the Catholic Church commemorated the liturgical feast of St. John Paul II.