Special units for Ukrainian children to be set up in Polish schools

Paweł Supernak/PAP

Poland’s education ministry will establish special departments at Polish schools to prepare Ukrainian children for the Polish education system.

Dariusz Piontowski, a deputy education minister, also said the departments will try to bridge the differences between the curriculum of Polish and Ukrainian schools.

"We prefer a model in which schools will have preparatory departments, where children from Ukraine, most of whom do not know Polish, could learn this language, to some extent even out the curriculum differences between a Ukrainian school and a Polish school, have some classes together with their Polish peers and, over the next few months, adjust to the Polish education system," Piontkowski told a public radio station on Friday.

He also said that the ministry would like to hire so-called teacher's assistants who know Ukrainian or Russian, and at least basic Polish and could act as interpreters.

According to Piontkowski, additional funds from the state budget have already been allocated for this purpose.