Special services analyse hacking of PM's Office head's e-mail account

Poland's special services are investigating Tuesday night's hack on head of the Prime Minister's Office e-mail and social media accounts, the press spokesman of the minister coordinator of special services Stanislaw Zaryn told PAP.

Michal Dworczyk, in a statement issued Tuesday night, informed about a hacking attack on his and his wife's e-mail and social media accounts.

"Considering that the information was published on the Russian social networking site Telegram and the fact that I had been banned from entering Belarus and Russia for 11 years as a person actively supporting democratic changes in the former USSR, I treat this attack as one of the elements of wide-ranging disinformation activities containing falsified and manipulated information," Dworczyk said.

A report on the matter was passed to the Internal Security Agency on Tuesday, Zaryn said in an interview with PAP.

"In connection with the statement of Minister Michal Dworczyk, special services are analysing the events described by the minister," the spokesman told PAP.

Dworczyk assured that there was no classified or restricted information in the e-mail box that was the subject of the attack.

He added that a statement posted on social media account of his wife with information about the hack, along with a link to view the allegedly stolen documents, "was fabricated and contained false content."

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