Solidary Poland says Kowalski dismissal breaches coalition agreement

Politicians of the junior ruling coalition party Solidary Poland (Solidarna Polska) have said in a communique sent to PAP that they oppose the dismissal of party member Janusz Kowalski as deputy minister of state assets, arguing that it breaches a coalition deal.

Solidary Poland officials claimed that Kowalski was a consistent critic of moves made in Brussels and that is why he was removed from his position, in contravention of a deal forged between members of the ruling United Right coalition.

"We hope the decision of his dismissal will be the subject of talks between United Right leaders during the Coalition Council," they wrote.

In a statement of the presidium of Solidary Poland's national management, party members said the dismissal had come "immediately after the opposition of Solidary Poland ministers to a resolution by the Council of Ministers on acceptance of the European Council conclusions of December 2020 and Poland's Energy Policy until 2040."

The party went on to say it "consistently drew attention to the negative consequences of decisions taken at European Council summits in the years 2019-2020 by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki." They criticised the energy transformation policy, which they described as "extremely costly for Poland" and the withdrawal from coal, which they called "an important source of our energy sovereignty." They also argued that reducing carbon emissions was against Poland's economic interests and said they opposed linking the EU budget to "ideological criteria."

On Saturday morning, State Assets Minister Jacek Sasin confirmed that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had signed the dismissal of Kowalski and that the minister would receive it on the same day.

Kowalski served as deputy minister of state assets from December 2019.