Solidary Poland remains in government

Solidary Poland, a junior member in the ruling United Right coalition, will remain in the alliance, the party's leader and the country's justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro said on Saturday.

Earlier, the Solidary Poland leadership rejected a motion for the group's departure from the UP group in a 12 to 8 vote. Solidary Poland's departure from the coalition had been speculated over the party's non-acceptance of rule of law clauses in the new EU budget.

On Saturday afternoon, Ziobro stated his group would vote against the adoption of the new EU budget. Ziobro said the rule of law clauses, which make EU funding dependent on the member states' observance of the rule of law, "evidently violated EU treaties and stood in clear violation of the Poland's Constitution."

At last Thursday's EU summit, Poland agreed to the provisions of the budget package, including the rule of law regulation, despite earlier threats to veto and Solidary Poland's continued disagreement to the regulation.