Solidarity logo to appear on iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil

Antonio Lacerda/PAP/EPA

On Sunday evening, one of the most famous and recognisable cultural and religious objects in the world, the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, will have the Polish Solidarity trade union logo projected onto it, to mark the union's 40th anniversary.

The projection will be organised through the initiative of the Embassy of Poland in Brazil. "The statue of Christ with outstretched arms, commemorating the centenary of Brazil's independence, is intended to remind people about peace, hope and dignity, and these values were also incorporated in the foundation of Solidarity. These same values also justified the actions of many millions of Poles, who in August 1980, fighting for freedom and solidarity, created the first great, independent trade union in one of the countries under communist totalitarianism rule," Ambassador Jakub Skiba told PAP.

Skiba noted that one of the creators of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio was a sculptor of Polish origin, Paul Landowski, and that Pope John Paul II visited the statue. "The illumination of the figure of Christ is an expression of faith in the victory of the idea of solidarity all over the world. These components are particularly important in this present, difficult moment, when all of humanity needs to be unified in the fight against the pandemic," he noted.

The statue of Christ the Redeemer is located at the peak of the Corcovado mountain overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro, and its creators, along with the Pole Paul Landowski, were Gheorghe Leonida and Heitor da Silva Costa. Landowski himself was the creator of the figure design. The object is 30 m high, and the span of Christ's arms is 28 m. The statue is considered to be one of the "seven new wonders of the world."