Small and medium-sized cities to get ca EUR 116 mln from Norway grants

Small and medium-sized cities will get around PLN 500 million (ca. EUR 116 mln) from Norway grants for economic, social and environmental development, Investment and Development Minister Jerzy Kwieciński has said.

On Monday, Kwieciński signed an agreement with Norway's ambassador Olav Myklebust for the launch of the next tranche of Norway grants.

The minister said that in May a competition for small and medium-sized cities will be announced and the winners will be able to receive from EUR 3 mln to EUR 10 mln, for such projects as combating air pollution, revitalisation, housing or cutting down migration to big cities.

The deal for the implementation of the "Local Development" programme signed on Monday amounts to EUR 117.6 million, of which 15 percent, or EUR 17.6 million, is Poland's contribution.

The EEA Grants and Norway Grants have been launched by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. They include non-returnable financial assistance provided to several Member States of the European Union. In exchange for financial assistance granted, the state-donor gains free access to the internal market of the EU, despite the lack of membership in its structures.