Slower employment growth expected due to uncertain macroeconomic situation

A growing number of Polish companies plan to maintain their current level of employment, while the percentage of firms seeking new staff has decreased, according to a new survey by the Randstad recruitment agency.

In all, 69 percent of companies will not add to their head count, up by 9 percentage points in comparison to December 2021, indicates the poll which was published on Tuesday.

Only 25 percent of businesses want to employ new staff, down by 4 percentage points year on year, and by 7 percentage points against December.

According to Randstad, this trend has been caused by the current uncertain macroeconomic and geopolitical situation.

Four percent of companies plan to reduce employment, down by 2 percentage points on December and most reductions are planned in the financial and insurance sectors.

Also, 38 percent of companies have already employed Ukrainians or plan to do so, mainly due to the war in Ukraine. Most offers for Ukrainians come from transport, construction and industrial firms.

At the same time, 28 percent of companies plan to increase wages in the coming six months, down by 20 percent against December.

The poll was carried out by GfK Polonia on a sample of 1,000 companies between April 19-May 12.