Sixty-two percent of Poles assess the work of the government badly

In July, the percentage of surveyed Poles who evaluate the work of the government as poor jumped up 3 percentage points from the previous month to 62 percent, according to the latest Kantar poll.

The percentage of people assessing the work of the Polish government as good fell by 4 percentage points to 28 percent. 

The percentage of people positively assessing the work of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has fallen by 3 percentage points from last month to 31 percent. The percentage of negative opinions about the head of government rose by 2 percentage points and reached 59 percent. The percentage of people who remain undecided rose to 10 percent, an increase of 1 percentage point.

The study was conducted on July 9-14, 2021 on a nationwide representative sample of 1,004 Polish residents aged 15 and over.