Six women researchers awarded L'Oreal-UNESCO stipends

Six Polish female researchers were awarded a stipend for women in science on Wednesday by L'Oreal and UNESCO. "The role of women in science is indispensable," said Deputy Science Minister Piotr Mueller.

The deputy minister added that thanks to women researchers taking up challenges, Poland could continue to develop.

The L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science programme is targetted at women conducting research in the field of life sciences. The awards, given for the 18th time, are intended to promote the scientific achievements of talented women and encourage them to continue their work. The winners receive annual stipends, granted in three categories: post-doctorate, doctorate and masters. The stipend in each category is: PLN 35,000 (EUR 8,150) for the post-doctorate; PLN 30,000 (EUR 6,980) for the doctorate, and PLN 20,000 (EUR 4,650) for the masters.

All the winners of the L'Oreal-UNESCO stipend also receive a grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in order to promote their achievements at international scientific conferences. The competition's organisers underscored that the prize winners are also active propagators of the idea of engaging women in scientific research among the general population and in the media.