Siberian experience captured in new Białystok museum

One display features photographs of deportees from all around the world: Italy, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Japan, Australia, the USA, Luxembourg, Latvia, the Middle East, Holland and many other countries. Kalbar/TFN

In this episode of The Debrief, we are in the newly opened Sybir Memorial Museum in the city of Białystok, which aims to highlight centuries of Russian and Soviet deportations to Siberia.

Host John Beauchamp speaks to the Sybir Museum’s head of education, Dr Piotr Popławski.

The Sybir Memorial Museum in Białystok, which opened on the anniversary of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland on 17 September 1939, is the largest and most important institution dealing with deportations to Russia and later the Soviet Union.

At its centre are not the political forces that led to the deportations but rather the experiences of its victims.

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