Sex bonds: jewellery firm launches collection for men and women

All together: the jewellery is designed for men and women. Press materials

A Polish jewellery brand has released a new collection that celebrates the importance of connection between people, with pieces that can be worn by both women and men.

Based in Warsaw, UMIAR – which translates as “moderation” or “restraint” – was created by two young women, Magdalena Brzozowska and Malwina Wysińska, who met at the Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Since they founded the brand in 2015, they have released several jewellery collections, and the latest of these is WIĘZI, which literally means “ties” in Polish.

The collection is made up of a series of pieces with simple, minimalist forms.Press materials

“Because there are connections between the elements – that is, ties – something full and beautiful can be created, both in creating unique jewellery and in relationships with other people,” said Wysińska and Brzozowska.

The collection is made up of a series of pieces with simple, minimalist forms, including chain-like necklaces and bracelets, as well as cufflinks, brooches and earrings. The pieces are available in gold-plated or silver versions.

Although the brand’s founders had been interested in making jewellery for men from the start, this is their first collection that is also aimed at them. Unlike most jewellery, which is typically made for women or – more rarely – men, the pieces are not specifically for either gender.

The chains are made by hand out of hundreds of small links.Press materials

Wysińska and Brzozowska explain: “Our intention was to try to deviate from the traditional distinction between ornaments for men and women. Many conversations with our customers made us sure of this.”

The brand pieces are made in Warsaw, in the city’s Mokotów district. The new collection uses traditional artisan techniques, with chains made by hand out of hundreds of small links.

UMIAR’s jewellery can be bought on its website, at its showroom at 50 Mokotowska Street in Warsaw, or at partner boutiques.