Senate speaker, Bundesrat president discuss democracy

Piotr Nowak/PAP

Senate (upper house) Speaker Tomasz Grodzki on Wednesday held a meeting with his German counterpart, Bundesrat President Dietmar Woidke, after which he said that respect for human dignity, freedom and rule of law are necessary to stay in the family of free world states.

Grodzki also noted that Woidke's visit was a symbol of good relations between Poland and Germany over recent years, as well as a sign of a positive forecast for the future.

He said that both politicians agreed that "after the atrocities and the tragedy of the war (the fact - PAP) that Polish-German relations are so good, is a miracle of normality, but it would not have happened without the work of several generations of Poles and Germans."

The Senate speaker said they discussed many subjects related to local and international matters.

Woidke declared that Germany wants relations in Europe and with Poland to be as good as possible. He also noted that he spoke with Grodzki about the railway infrastructure, renewable energy sources and about economic development. "These are extremely important matters for both sides," he said.

The Bundesrat president referred to the fall of the Berlin Wall and said this would not have been possible without Poland's courage.

"Poland, like no other European nation, fought at that time to overcome dictatorships, repression and the communist system. So, without the courage of Poles, the Berlin Wall would never have fallen. We must not forget that," Woidke added.