Senate rejects presidential referendum motion

Poland's Senate (upper house) on Wednesday rejected a motion by President Andrzej Duda to hold a national referendum on the future Constitution.

President Andrzej Duda's aide Paweł Mucha said: "I regret the Polish people will have no opportunity on Nov. 11 and 12 to present their opinion about the Constitution."

Senate speaker Andrzej Karczewski explained: "We analysed all aspects; the date and cost of a national referendum made us take this decision."

The president announced his idea to hold a referendum on changes to the constitution on May 3 of last year, the 227th anniversary of the adoption of the ground-breaking Constitution of May 3, 1791.

Andrzej Duda suggested that Poland's constitution should be amended to take into account the changed domestic and international environment, two decades after the country's basic law was passed.

The president has proposed to hold the referendum on November 10-11, 2018. November 11 is Poland's Independence Day.