Sejm speaker congratulates new head of US House of Representatives

Polish Sejm (lower house) Speaker Marek Kuchciński congratulated Nancy Pelosi on her selection as the head of the United States House of Representatives. He expressed hope that the excellent relations between Poland and USA will continue to develop.

In January 2019, a member of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi, was selected as the speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Previously, she was speaker of the House of Representatives between 2007-2011, and led the democratic minority afterwards.

"I think that this was a clear message from the side of the House of Representatives that these are challenging times which bring many challenges and problems, which require the work and involvement of competent people," Kuchciński said.

He also expressed hope that the "excellent relations" between Poland and the USA, "supported by parliamentary cooperation, will develop further."

Currently, the US Congress is divided, as the Democrats have the majority in the House of Representatives, and the Republicans in the Senate. This situation hinders the work of Republican President Donald Trump, whose party had a majority in both houses in the previous term.