Security alerts extended to end-February announces ministry

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has signed an ordinance which extends to February 28 the second-level security alert BRAVO and the third-level security alert CHARLIE-CRP, the interior ministry announced on Thursday.

The BRAVO alert is the second highest of four security level alerts and may be introduced when there is an increased threat of an event of a terrorist nature or when such a threat is anticipated but the target of the potential attack has not been identified. It also covers Polish energy infrastructure which is located outside of the country.

A CHARLIE-CRP alert, the third highest of four security level alerts, is introduced in the event of terrorist threats that concern public administration ICT systems or systems that are part of the critical infrastructure.

The main purpose of the security alerts is to increase the vigilance of all the services protecting Poland's security and of the public administration.