Sectors subject to restrictions receive almost EUR 874 mln in aid

Tytus Żmijewski/PAP

Within the Polish Devlopment Fund's (PFR) 'Financial Shield' to mitigate fallout from the COVID-19 crisis, sectors affected by restrictions have received almost PLN 4 billion (EUR 874 million) in support, PFR President Pawel Borys tweeted on Wednesday.

Borys wrote on Twitter that 23,800 micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises had received an average of PLN 164,000 (EUR 35,871) in aid. The tourism and hospitality sectors had received PLN 3.4 billion (EUR 743 million) and the culture, entertainment and recreation sectors PLN 0.5 billion (EUR 109.37 million), Borys wrote.

The government has introduced new social and commercial restrictions from October 17 due to increased infection rates of COVID-19. The virus counter-measures include the closure of gyms and swimming pools in so-called 'yellow' and 'red' zones, as well as limitations on the restaurant trade and, in red zones, on retail.

On Tuesday, the PFR chief said the current restrictions would cost about a 2-percent drop in economic activity in the fourth quarter of the year.

PFR's Financial Shield for companies and workers is an aid programme that forms part of the Polish government's 'Anti-crisis Shield' valued at PLN 100 billion (EUR 21.87 billion) of which PLN 25 billion (EUR 5.46 billion) is earmarked for micro-enterprises and PLN 50 billion (EUR 10.93 billion) for small and medium-sized enterprises with the remaining PLN 25 billion (EUR 5.46 billion) being for large companies.