Saudi defence sector delegation visits Polish Armaments Group

A delegation of Saudi Arabia's General Authority of Military Industries (GAMI) has visited dominant Polish defence contractor Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) for talks with PGZ management over industrial cooperation, PGZ informed PAP on Wednesday.

The delegation was shown artillery systems, radar systems, individual soldier's equipment and anti-air defence systems. A meeting with the delegation, headed by GAMI Governor Ahmad Al-Ohali, "was an occasion to continue advanced talks on industrial cooperation in the defence sector," PGZ stated in a communique sent to PAP.

The Saudi delegation was presented with PGZ products and solutions and opportunities were analysed to establish cooperation between the two countries in the field of industrial-technological cooperation and in the potential delivery of equipment and armaments to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"The visit represents a further step towards tightening cooperation in the defence industry of institutions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia connected with the military domain, and PGZ," PGZ President Witold Slowik was quoted in the press release as saying. "We are a producer of innovative systems and solutions used by the Polish Armed Forces and allied formations, fulfilling the role of chief partner in modernisation programmes of the Polish Army."

PGZ Management Board Member Radoslaw Domagalski-Labedzki gave his assurance that, "the international offer of the PGZ Group covers solutions that can be adapted to the client's needs, both in terms of configuration and armament."

"We confirm PGZ's readiness for industrial cooperation, transfer of technology and support in the development of local production and service bases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as full logistical and training support, exchange of experience and know-how and administrative-legal advisory services," Domagalski said.

The delegation also held talks with Maciej Malecki, a deputy minister at the Ministry of State Assets, to which PGZ belongs.

Cooperation in the field of defence was also a subject of discussion at a meeting of GAMI officials and the head of the President's Office, Halina Szymanska, in which PGZ management board members Michal Kuczmierowski and Radoslaw Domagalski took part.

The visit was an element of implementing an international agreement, concluded by Poland and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, concerning military cooperation and the strengthening of ties between the two countries in the area of defence.