Russia's expulsion of Polish diplomats a sign of aggressive politics

The Polish Foreign Ministry has described Russia's decision to expel Polish diplomats as another example of aggressive politics.

"The decision of the Russian side to expel Polish diplomats is another example of aggressive politics and a conscious gesture aimed at aggravating its relations with neighbouring countries and the entire international community," the Foreign Ministry stated on Friday.

The Polish Foreign Ministry also wrote that, earlier on Friday, the Polish ambassador to Russia, Krzysztof Krajewski, had been summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, where he was handed a diplomatic note informing him that five Polish diplomats were recognised as persona non grata in Russia.

"Poland has been consistently coming out in favour of dialogue and de-escalation," the Foreign Ministry wrote. "In the current situation, Poland is entitled to an adequate response to the decision taken by the Russian Foreign Ministry," reads the ministry's statement.

After Poland had expelled three Russian diplomats last week, Russia announced that it would order five Polish diplomats to leave the country.

The three employees of the Embassy of the Russian Federation were regarded as persona non grata owing to behaviour detrimental to the interests of the Republic of Poland, the ministry said in a statement last week.