Russian nuclear arms in Belarus increase instability says Polish minister

The Kremlin's decision to transfer some of Russia's nuclear arsenal to Belarus increases regional instability, a Polish government official has told PAP.

Marcin Przydacz, a cabinet minister and head of the International Policy Bureau at the President's Office, told PAP that US intelligence had confirmed there was "no doubt" that Russia had deployed nuclear weapons to Belarus.

Przydacz said the move served to fuel Moscow's disinformation campaign.

"The decision by the Russians to deploy nuclear weapons to Belarus causes a growth in the instability of the threat," Przydacz said. This is not in any way an act resulting from any necessity. It is a desire to escalate and to prompt additional tensions. That is how the Russian actions should be seen."

The minister went on to say that Poland is a member of Nato and is covered by the "defensive umbrella" of the alliance against any threat.

"We can sleep peacefully," he said. "What is happening on the territory of Belarus needs to be analysed and the policy of defence and deterrence continued."

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