Russian ambassador following 'Kremlin's instructions' - deputy minister

The Russian ambassador acted only in accordance with the Kremlin’s instructions after he was summoned to the Polish Foreign Ministry following an incident involving a Russian fighter jet and a Polish border guard aircraft over the Black Sea, a Polish deputy foreign minister has said.

Sergei Andreyev was handed a "note of protest" on Wednesday over the incident that occurred on Friday when a Polish Border Guard aircraft taking part in a Frontex (EU Border and Cost Guard Agency) mission over the Black Sea near Romania was buzzed three times by a Russian fighter.

The actions of the Russian aircraft, described as aggressive and dangerous, led to the Polish crew temporarily losing control of their aircraft.

Speaking about the meeting with the ambassador, Pawel Jablonski said: "The rejection of our position is most often the response of a Russian ambassador summoned to the Foreign Ministry."

He added that their stance had most often been "extremely defensive."

"Ambassador Sergei Andreyev acted in accordance with the Kremlin's instructions," Jablonski said, and added that he had acknowledged what he had been told in accordance with the Vienna Convention.

The ambassador was warned that such incidents should never happen and that if they are repeated "they will be met with a firm response."

Asked whether Ambassador Andreyev should be considered persona non grata, Jablonski said that such a decision had not been taken. He explained that sometimes it was better to have a Russian ambassador in Poland so that, for instance, he could be summoned to the ministry when necessary.

"And we have a Polish ambassador in Moscow," he continued, adding that this was important, "at least in the context of the safety of Polish citizens who either live in or visit Russia."

On Monday, Nato headquarters said that Nato Air Policing troops had been put on alert following the incident.