Russian ambassador appears at Polish foreign ministry

Sergey Andreyev, Russia's ambassador to Poland, was summoned to the Foreign Minister in protest over Vladimir Putin's "illegal decisions" to annex Ukrainian territory, a foreign ministry spokesperson has said.

Andreyev was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Monday morning.

The annexations were announced on Friday with great fanfare in Moscow following referendums in the occupied territories that have been condemned widely as a sham and illegal.

Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz had earlier said Poland would not recognise the annexations, nor the referendums that preceded them, which showed almost unanimous support for the four territories' inclusion into the Russian Federation.

"Today ambassadors of the Russian Federation are being summoned in European Union states," foreign ministry spokesperson Lukasz Jasina told journalists after the meeting. "We have also summoned the ambassador to express our position regarding the illegal decisions by President Vladimir Putin to illegally annex Ukrainian territories."

He explained that events in Ukraine concerned "threats addressed to world peace, including to our country" by the Russian Federation.