Russia condemns Polish entry ban on journalist

Russia has alleged there is a Polish “wave of repression” against Russian journalists after a reporter received a five-year ban from entering Poland.

According to Polish intelligence reports, Yevgeni Reshetnikov, a journalist working for a state TV broadcaster, had used his journalistic posting in Poland to provide information about the country to the organisers of anti-Polish propaganda and disinformation campaigns in Russia.

Reshetnikov, who left Poland in January 2020, also received a three-year entry ban to the Schengen area.

On Tuesday, the Russian foreign ministry described the bans as "another wave of repressions" against Russian journalists in Poland. According to the ministry, the charges against Reshetnikov were an excuse to "persecute Russians who are considered inconvenient."

The ministry also wrote that by imposing the entry ban on Reshetnikow Poland had violated freedom of speech and Schengen laws.