Russia changes gas payment rules for Poland

Russia's Gazprom gas operator on Friday notified Polish counterpart PGNiG about changes in gas payment regulations starting from April.

The notification follows a Thursday decree by Russian President Vladimir Putin stating that countries Russia sees as "hostile" to its war on Ukraine will have to buy Russian gas for the Russian currency, the rouble.

The decree also states that gas supplies will be cut off to countries that fail to comply with the new regulations.

Gazprom informed PGNiG about the changes in a formal letter, but PGNiG declined to name the changes in

Under the new regulations, buyers of Russian gas will have to open special rouble accounts with the state-controlled Gazprombank, through which they will regulate their gas fees.From March 5, the Russian list of "hostile" states includes the US, all the EU member states, Britain, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Japan and South Korea.