Running a business becoming more popular among foreigners in Poland

Hailing from Ukraine, Oleg Yarovyi and his wife, Inna opened café Dobro&Dobro. Last year saw the opening of their first franchise, and as things stand six Dobro&Dobro cafes size now operate in Warsaw and Wrocław. Kalbar/TFN

The number of foreigners running a business in Poland grew by 4,500 to 19,400 people in the last four years, said Sebastian Szczurek, a regional spokesperson of state insurer ZUS, adding that Ukrainians constituted the biggest group.

According to data from the Central Register of Insurers, the number of individuals with other than Polish citizenship, who were subject to retirement and disability insurance, increased from 65,000 in December 2008, to over 569,000 in December 2018. Last year, the number of foreigners declared to ZUS was above 683,000, which was more than a 10-fold increase in the last decade.

Szczurek added that of the more than 19,000 foreigners running a business in Poland, 4,786 were Ukrainian citizens and that they made up the largest group.

He noted that the social security contributions were being paid, in total, by citizens of 148 countries.