Ruling United Right continue to lead electoral poll

The United Right can count on the support of 31 percent of respondents, the main oppositionist Civic Coalition would be voted for by 22 percent, the latest Friday-released Kantar survey shows.

According to the April poll, 31 percent of respondents said they would cast their vote for the ruling United Right Coalition (Law and Justice together with Solidary Poland and Agreement).

Second place was taken by the Civic Coalition with 22 percent support, and placed third would be the former television star Szymon Holownia's Polska 2050 movement which can count on 16 percent of the vote.

Compared to March, there was an increase in support for the Law and Justice party (by 1 percentage point) and for the Poland 2050 Movement (by 2 percentage points). The Civic Coalition saw its support drop by 2 percentage points.

The poll shows that the Left, on 9 percent (increase of 1 percentage point from the March poll), and the Confederation, on 6 percent (also increase of 1 percentage point), would gain enough votes to enter the Sejm (lower house of Polish parliament).

Neither the Polish People's Party (PSL) - Polish Coalition (3 percent) nor Kukiz'15 (2 percent) would reach the electoral threshold of 5 percent required to win seats.

Kantar points out that of the total number of people who announced their intention to vote, 11 percent of respondents remain undecided as to who they would vote for.

The survey was conducted on 9-14 April 2021 on a representative sample of 980 Polish residents aged 18 and over using the technique of computer-assisted direct interview technique (CAPI).