Ruling party's lead narrows, according to opinion poll

Poland's main opposition grouping, Civic Coalition (KO), has reduced the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party's lead in an opinion poll, with an over 9-percentage-point gain in public support, according to a new poll by IBRiS for the Onet website.

If parliamentary elections had been held last Sunday, PiS, together with its junior coalition partner Solidary Poland, would have the support of 32.5 percent of the electorate, 2 percentage points (pps) up on a January survey.

KO would have placed second with 29.3-percent backing, a huge improvement from its January result of 20.2 percent, Onet reported.

KO was followed by the grassroots Polska 2050 movement on 8.6 percent, the far-right Confederation (Konfederacja) on 8.4, the Left on 5.6 percent and the Polish People's Party (PSL)-Polish Coalition, which with only 4.3-percent support would fall below the 5-percent threshold needed to enter parliament.

Polska 2050's support was down from 12.1 percent in January. Confederation's result was down 0.2 pps and the Left's showing of 5.6 percent was down from 7.3 percent a month earlier. The PSL-Polish Coalition's result slipped from 6 percent in January to below the parliamentary threshold.

Of those surveyed, 11.3 percent were undecided who to vote for.

The declared turnout for an election stood at 49.5 percent.

IBRis ran the survey on a sample of 1,100 people using the Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview method between February 11-12.