Ruling party still leads in opinion poll

Mateusz Marek/PAP

Law and Justice (PiS), the conservative governing party, would have won the elections if they had been held last Sunday, a poll has shown.

PiS could count on 32.9 percent support, and the result is "almost identical" to the previous survey, carried out in mid-April, the national newspaper Rzeczpospolita wrote on Tuesday, quoting a survey by the IBRIS pollster.

The centrist Civic Coalition's support grew by less than a percentage point, to 25.6 percent, while the Left lost 1.6 percentage points and received 7.8-percent backing.

"A noticeable change was brought about by the declaration of a joint start by PSL (the agrarian Polish People's Party - PAP) and Poland 2050 (centre-right party - PAP), on the Third Way list, which received 13.1 percent, which is nearly a percentage point more than both groups counted together a month ago," the newspaper added.

The far-right Confederation fell by 0.6 percentage point to fourth place with support at 11 percent.

Rzeczpospolita also presented a simulation of the distribution of seats in the 460-member Sejm (lower house), based on the results of the survey, where PiS would win 184 seats, KO - 138, Third Way - 61, the Left - 28 and Confederation - 48 seats.