Ruling party PiS would win if allied with Kukiz 15 - poll

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Poland's governing party, the conservative Law and Justice (PiS), would win in coalition with Kukiz'15, a party that usually supports PiS, if elections were held in the coming days, a poll has found.

PiS and Kukiz'15 could together count on 41.2 percent of support according to an Estymator poll for the right-wing website, published on Sunday.

PiS main rival, the centrist Civic Coalition, would be backed by 24.4 percent of respondents.

A coalition of the pro-agrarian Polish People's Party, the grassroots centre-right Poland 2050 party and Agreement, a former junior member of the ruling United Right camp, could garner 16.7 percent of the vote.

The Left would secure 9.9 percent of the voter support, whereas the far-right Confederation on 4.7 percent would not cross the 5 percent threshold required for parliamentary representation.

Estymator carried out the poll on a sample of 1,100 adult Poles on May 28-29, 2022.