Ruling party leader supports decision to send Patriot to Ukraine

Adam Warżawa/PAP

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of Poland's ruling law and Justice (PiS) party, has told PAP that providing Ukraine with the US-made Patriot air-defence system is "the most optimal and sensible solution."

Kaczynski went on to say that the actions of the PiS government had shown the meaning of effectiveness and credibility, while the opposition's approach had defied reason and "definitely failed."

He said he supported decisions by Nato partners Germany and the USA to provide the Patriot systems, which Poland had advocated for much earlier.

"Missiles shot down over Ukraine are also a greater guarantee of security for us and the entire eastern flank of Nato," he said, adding that the opposition's criticisms of the move were "not only compromising but dangerous."

"That's why it's very fortunate that they do not rule Poland today," Kazynski continued. "At this time there is no place for such errors. The security of Poland is too important a matter to make such mistakes."