Ruling party leader reprimanded by ethics committee

The ethics committee of the Sejm (lower house of parliament) has reprimanded Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a deputy prime minister and leader of the governing Law and Justice party, for calling opposition MPs “criminals,” an MP on the committee has told PAP.

Monika Falej said that the decision was made in response to a speech by Kaczynski in parliament on demonstrations taking place across Poland despite the Covid pandemic following a Constitutional Tribunal decision that banned nearly all abortions.

Falej said that Kaczynski had told opposition leaders: "You, at this moment in time, in the name of your own personal interests… are destroying Poland… and exposing many people to death. You are criminals."

Kaczynski went on to say that by calling for demonstrations during the pandemic, opposition leaders were "causing a universal danger" and would be "held responsible."

Falej pointed out that a reprimand was the highest form of punishment that the committee could impose.

She added that Kaczynski had twice failed to appear before the ethics committee meetings and had not submitted any justification for his comments.