Ruling party, Kukiz'15 grouping announce co-operation deal

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the president of the ruling Law and Justice party, and Pawel Kukiz, the leader of Kukiz'15-political grouping, have signed a political co-operation agreement.

"This is an agreement which envisages that we will support a number of bills important to the Kukiz'15 programme, starting with drafts on anti-corruption, on a referendum day and a very important one on justices of the peace," Kaczynski told a Monday press conference, held jointly with Kukiz.

"Our colleagues will support the Polish (New) Deal (the government's economic recovery plan - PAP) and everything that is necessary for this political system, which is today in the parliament and the Polish Sejm, to last," Law and Justice leader added.

He said that the deal was written in a way "to be consistent with the Polish constitution."

The deal will help shore-up Poland's United Right coalition government. The coalition has been weakened in recent months by disagreements between Law and Justice (PiS), the dominant party, and its allies Agreement and Solidary Poland.

In one incident, Solidary Poland failed to support PiS in a parliamentary vote prompting speculation the coalition could fall apart.

But with the agreement, Law and Justice now has the limited support of the four Kukiz MPs in the 460-seat the lower house of Polish parliament.