Ruling party broadens support in latest poll

Poland's ruling conservative party has increased the distance to its main centrist rival to as much as 17.5 percentage points, shows an Estymator survey for a leading right-wing news website.

If elections were held on Sunday, January 17, 39.6 percent of the respondents would vote for the governing Law and Justice (PiS) party and only 22.1 percent would favour its main rival the Civic Coalition (KO), according to a poll published by portal on Saturday.

Support for PiS has grown by 0.4 percentage points from the previous month while KO's backing declined by 1.5 percentage points.

The results would secure 225 seats for PiS in the 460-member lower house and only 109 for KO.

Poland 2050, a grassroots movement led by TV personality and Catholic columnist Szymon Holownia would come third on 12.9 percent, which would translate into 59 mandates.

The three other parties that would secure mandates include the Left on 10.2 percent, the pro-agrarian Polish People's Party on 6.6 percent and the far-right Confederation on 6 percent.

Kukiz'15, which now has parliamentary representation, would not win any seats as its 2.3 percent backing would not be enough to cross the mandatory 5 percent threshold.

The estimated attendance stood at 51 percent.

The researcher Estymator ran the survey on January 14-15, 2021, on a nationwide sample of 1,020 adult Poles.