Ruling coalition maintains lead in voter support poll

Andrzej Lange/PAP

The United Right, Poland's ruling camp led by the conservative party Law and Justice (PiS), enjoy the biggest backing in the latest poll run for the Super Express daily.

The United Right was supported by 34.76 percent, up by 3.6 percentage points (pps) from the previous month.

The ruling camp's main rival, the centrist Civic Coalition, could count on 29.02 percent, down by 0.93 pps.

The grassroots conservative party Poland 2050 enjoyed the backing of 11.31 percent, down by 0.78 ppst from December, while The Left enjoyed the backing of 10.16 percent of the respondents, down by 1.92 pps.

The far-right Confederation was supported by 6.84 percent, down by 1.06 percentage point. The pro-agrarian Polish People's Party would barely cross the 5 percent threshold required for parliamentary representation as it was backed by 5.14 percent.

No other party would win parliamentary seats.

Pollster researcher carried out the poll on a representative sample of 1,088 Poles on January 28 and 29.

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