Ruling coalition maintains lead in opinion poll

The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party together with coalition parties Solidary Poland and the Republicans, could count on 32 percent of the vote if elections were held on Sunday, according to a new poll.

The survey by Kantar put the Civic Coalition (KO) opposition grouping in second place on 25-percent support. Third was the former television star Szymon Holownia's Polska 2050 movement on 10 percent, while The Left (Lewica) and the far-right Confederation (Konfederacja) party would win Sejm (lower house of parliament) seats with 7 and 6 percent respectively.

The declared support for the ruling United Right coalition and KO were both unchanged from a September poll. Polska 2050's support was 2 percentage points (pps) down on the previous month while The Left registered a 1-pps increase and Confederation 2 pps.

The pro-agrarian Polish Peoples Party (PSL) would fail to make the 5-percent threshold needed to enter the Sejm recording 3 percent of the vote (unchanged) as would the Kukiz '15 movement with 2 percent support (up 1 pps).

The Agreement (Porozumienie) party, which recently left the United Right coalition, would also not achieve the threshold required to win lower house of parliament seats with just 1 percent of the vote (unchanged).

Kantar ran the survey on a sample of 968 adult Poles using the Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) method between October 8 and 13, 2021.