Ruling coalition leads poll, main opposition gains support

Poland's governing United Right coalition has maintained its voter support at 36 percent while the main opposition group, the centrist Civic Coalition (KO) has gained 5 percentage points over the last month, shows a new poll.

The United Right is composed of its backbone party Law and Justice and two smaller coalition partners, Agreement and Solidary Poland.

According to the latest survey by CBOS researcher, the Civic Coalition bloc, which includes the Civic Platform, Nowoczesna (Modern), the Polish Initiative and the Greens parties, placed second and could count on 16 percent of the vote.

A new grassroots movement, the conservative Poland 2050, came in third on 13 percent, down by 3 pps since the previous CBOS poll carried out in June.

The far-right Confederation followed up with 6-percent backing, down by 1 pp.

The Left, with flat 5-percent support, would be the only other party to enter parliament.

The pro-agrarian Polish People's Party (3 percent) would fall short of the 5-percent parliamentary threshold required to win lower house of parliament seats.

CBOS ran the survey on a sample of 1,166 Poles on July 1-11, 2021.