Ruling coalition holds top spot in newest poll

If parliamentary elections were to be held in Poland this Sunday, the ruling United Right coalition would gain 37 percent of the vote, while the main opposition grouping, Civic Coalition, would receive 26 percent support, a new survey reveals.

According to the Social Changes poll for the website, following the United Right coalition and Civic Coalition in the ranking would be the conservative Poland 2050 party (10 percent support, down 1 percentage point on previous poll), the right-wing Confederation (9 percent, no change), the Left (8 percent, a 1 pp drop) and the Polish People's Party (PSL) (5 percent, a 1 pp gain).

Both the conservative Kukiz'15 group and the Agreement party, with 2 percent and 1 percent backing, respectively, would be below the threshold required to win seats in the Sejm, lower house of parliament.

The declared turnout for the election would reach 59 percent, up 1 pp on the previous week.

The survey was carried out between July 1-4, 2022 on a nationwide representative sample of 1070 Poles.