Ruling coalition continues to lead in opinion polls

The ruling United Right coalition would win a parliamentary election, according to a recent survey run by the Social Changes pollster for the wPolityce portal.

The coalition would get 36 percent of the vote while the main opposition grouping, Civic Coalition, would come second with 26 percent. It would be followed by the Poland 2050 party and the far-right Confederation party, each with 11-percent support.

Just 10 percent of the respondents declared they would vote for The Left.

The poll also found that 2 percent would back the Polish People's Party (PSL) - Polish Coalition. The Kukiz'15 party and the Agreement party each would get 1 percent of potential votes.

All three parties would not reach the 5-percent threshold needed to obtain seats in the Sejm, the lower house of parliament.

The declared turnout for an election was 51 percent.

The survey was run on April 15-18 on a random sample of 1,057 Poles.