Ruling camp maintains safe lead in voter support poll

Poland's ruling United Right coalition would be supported by 38 percent of voters if elections were held now, outstripping its main rival, the centrist Civic Coalition (KO), by 14 percentage points, a new poll has found.

According to a Social Changes poll for the right-wing website, the United Right, composed of its backbone party Law and Justice, Solidary Poland and the Republicans, has increased its support from the previous survey by 2 percentage points while KO has lost 1 percentage point and is now backed by 24 percent of respondents.

Poland 2050, a grassroots movement led by TV personality and Catholic writer Szymon Holownia, could count on 13 percent of the voters, unchanged from the last survey.

Only two other parties would stand a chance of entering parliament.

The far-fight Confederation would garner 12 percent, up by 1 percentage point, and the Left would secure 7 percent, down by 1 percentage point from the previous poll.

The Polish Coalition-Polish People's Party and Kukiz'15, each supported by 2 percent of respondents, would fail to pass the 5-percent parliamentary threshold.

The declared turnout stood at 51 percent, down by 2 percentage points from the previous survey.

Social Changes ran the poll on a sample of 1,069 Poles on December 31, 2021 - January 2, 2022.