River disaster trims ruling party's support

Poland's ruling United Right coalition has seen support fall owing to the ecological disaster on the River Odra, Poland's second longest river, a new opinion poll has shown.

Thousands of fish have been killed in the Odra in one of the most worst ecological calamities to strike Poland in recent years.

Just what killed the fish remains a mystery.

In the IBRiS new survey for the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, the United Right would get 30.9 percent of the vote, down from 34.9 percent at the end of July, if parliamentary election were to be held this coming Sunday. The result would not be enough to form a majority government.

"A drop in support for the ruling coalition can also be observed in other polls," the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, which commissioned the survey, wrote on Monday.

"A CBOS poll of August 14-25 shows that the United Right would be supported by 31 percent of Poles, or 2 percentage points less compared to a survey carried out by the same pollster in early July," Rzeczpospolita added.

The ruling camp's main rival, the centrist Civic Coalition, added 0.4 percentage point since July, and was supported by 25.8 percent of voters.

The conservative grassroots party, Poland 2050, would get 12.1 percent of the vote while The Left could count on 10.1 percent.

The only other party to get parliamentary seats would be the pro-agrarian Polish People's Party (PSL), on 5.2 percent.

However, about 12-13 percent of people are still undecided and "the ultimate election battle will likely focus on their votes," Rzeczpospolita concluded.

Poland will hold its next parliamentary election in the autumn of 2023.

IBRiS ran the poll on a nationwide sample of 1,000 people on August 26-27, 2022.